Monday, 24 October 2011

Moving windows laggy in Compiz

A most irritating bug whereby windows will jerk and lag when attempting to move them, either after compiz has been running for a bit, or just after a viewport/workspace change.

The problem appears to be something to do with mouse polling in compiz, and the fix is to limit the rate at which your mouse can be polled.

Following the solution posted here:

sudo gedit /etc/modules
Add the following to the end of the file:
-r usbhid
usbhid mousepoll=10
Save and reboot. Hopefully moving windows is now back to being smooth!


  1. Thanks man!
    You just saved my day :D


    I was having this problem with compiz making it unusable.
    I went through 5 window managers before finding one that worked, but there was screen tearing. This fix allowed me to use compiz again and saved me from going back to Ubuntu 10.4 to solve the problem.

  3. Glad it helped, that fix off launchpad certainly saved me a lot of irritation too.

    The only window managers i've tried that don't tear are kwin, clutter, and, of course, compiz!

  4. you sir are ma savior, ubu 11.10 work like a charm

  5. Two years later here's another "you totally saved me man!"

    After swapping to a high precision or hi dpi gamer mouse, compiz move window plugin became ridiculously laggy and choppy. Mouse polling too fast was the issue and this was the fix. Thanks a million!

    This was on:
    Linux Mint 14 Nadia