Thursday, 4 February 2010

My Conky scripts, and how to run multiple instances thereof

As promised in an earlier post here are the scripts I use for conky, and a quick guide for running multiple conkys.

Initially you want to set up a script to run all instances of conky at once, so that they do not need to be initialised separately.

So, to create the script:

Copy paste in the following code block:


sleep 6 &&
conky -d -c /home/sam/.conkyrc &
sleep 6 &&
conky -d -c /home/sam/Scripts/conky_sys &
sleep 6 &&
conky -d -c /home/sam/Scripts/conky_sys2 &

Replace "user" with your username, then save and exit.

Make the file executable:
chmod 700
More after the jump.

You now need to download and extract a tarball containing the three seperate instances of conky scripts. I'd have copy pasted then here, however they make this post incredibly long to the point of absurdity.

The tarball is hosted on Rapidshare here, if you are uncomfortable with this method of obtaining them, then let me know and i'll be happy to send them any way you feel like. Be aware that .conkyrc will be hidden unless you have "show hidden files" enabled.

Put these files in your home directory and you're ready to go!

The command:


Will run the script from your home directory.


  1. I tried this doesn't work just makes conky flash on and off.... :(

  2. Odd! Try adjusting all the conky start commands in the script to 'conky -c' rather than 'conky -d -c'.

    Otherwise, if you post up your Conky scripts i'd be happy to have a look!