Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mythtv Frontend won't connect to Master Backend over network (can't login)

A quick post with a quick fix for an irritating issue.

When attempting to connect to the master backend for the resident mythtv setup in the house over the network via mythfrontend on my laptop I ran into this error. The IP was correct, the login and mysql database password was also correct, even all the firewall rules were properly configured, all to no avail. I'd just keep getting "can't login" over and over again.

Simple fix (On the computer running the master backend):

gedit /etc/mysql/my.cnf
Then comment out the following line with a hash so that it looks like this:
#bind-address =
Exit and save, then reboot. Try and connect again with your frontend, hopefully all is now well!


  1. yes that Fix it mythbuntu 12.04


  2. I recently upgraded Mythbuntu 12.04.1 to .26 and that made remote frontends quit working. This fix did the trick, thanks for the info.