Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Revenge of the Titans won't install properly in Ubuntu

If during the installation of this game you get an error complaining that it couldn't create a directory in /opt, run the following command:

 sudo mkdir  -p /opt/revengeofthetitans/full_length_music
Then run the installer again. All this does is create the directory manually, which seems to be all that's needed!

Edit: Looks like the devs are aware of the problem and planning on releasing a fixed installer imminently. A commendably expeditious response!


  1. mkdir: cannot create directory `/opt/revengeofthetitans/full_length_music': No such file or directory

  2. Apologies, it needs to be mkdir -p. The post has been edited to reflect this.

  3. It worked when I created 'revengeofthetitans' folder first and the other one after that... Thanks

  4. Good to hear! I'd been lax and not checked the command i'm afraid. Originally I had just run nautilus as root to create it :/